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2018 Business Membership Opportunities

Start-up / Entrepreneur              $250

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If you are interested in supporting our work though a simple donation, please feel free to become a "Friend of Clean Tech."

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     Our "Friend of Clean Tech" option is a limited membership opportunity that includes the following benefits:

- One free ticket to our annual premier conference, the Local Energy Solution Conference (LES)

- Exposure on the the NHCTC website 

- Free updates and news on recent developments in Clean Energy and Clean Tech

- Available tax deductions as part of being a member*

    Friends of Clean Tech is also a terrific option for Local Energy Committees from around the state, other non-profits, non-energy related business, and anyone else who would like to support our efforts. 


   While this membership level starts at $100, we greatly appreciate any additional contribution(s) to our work and welcome any support above-and-beyond the initial membership fee. 

*NHSEA is a 501c3 organization. All contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law.


The NHCTC welcomes leaders from across the clean tech spectrum, from renewable energy and technology developers, to efficiency services, banks, investors, manufacturers, architects, and engineers, to act as a coordinated and focused resource to NH’s policymakers, regulators, and the public at large.


Member Benefits include:

  • Full NHSEA membership included

  • Exclusive use of organizational resources and internal expertise on the industry

  • Access to Educational/Industry events, panels, and forums and opportunity to network with other business leaders and potential customers

  • Access to invitation-only events with top opinion leaders, clean tech leaders, and presidential or other top political candidates

  • Direct engagement with key policymakers and elected officials

  • Visibility on the NHCTC website and newsletters

  • Opportunity to advertise job postings on the NHCTC website

  • Ability to participate in NHCTC and NHSEA's exclusive Speaker's Bureau

  • Exhibitor discounts at annual Local Energy Solutions conference and other events

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If you are interested in helping us successfully run our events, assist in helping spread the word about our work, or simply want to find a way you can get involved let us know! We're always on the look out for any and all businesses or individuals looking to help move our state in the right direction! 


NH spends nearly $6 billion per year for fossil-fuel based energy, 80% of which immediately leaves the state. These imports virtually eliminate the ability for NH to retain any control over energy costs for citizens and businesses.



Enhancing the innovative products and services of the clean tech industry can keep some of that $4+ billion that goes out of State right here in NH’s economy, create jobs, reduce the massive price volatility of fossil fuels, and bring back local control over our energy future.

NH currently has insufficient and inconsistent policies and regulations to enable more private investment and deployment of clean tech. Business leaders around the state understand this deficiency and are well-positioned to deliver that message and supporting data to our legislators and regulators.

NH cannot afford to miss the economic value created by the transformative opportunities of the clean energy economy.

NHCTC is the voice to deliver this message and better enable the growth of this rapidly expanding industry in NH.

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