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NHCTC Member piece: "Don't Discount Clean EnergyBy Jeff Haydock, Nashua Telegraph, 11/9/14

NH Drops rank to 22nd in ACEEE's State Efficiency Scorecard.

Clean Energy Finance Forum - Yieldcos, Crowd-funding, PACE, and more.



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Check out AEE's NH Energy ProfileA growing resource on energy-related data and policy across the state. 

11/12 Webinar, Noon - 1:00. Energy Efficiency 101. This NH LEWG-sponsored webinar will focus on LED and Heat Pump technologies. Click here to register.



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NH needs a strong and united voice about the value of clean energy and clean technology to our economy and to our environment. We need your leadership, ideas, and support...

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Welcome to NH Clean Tech Council

The NH CleanTech Council (NHCTC) advocates and represents New Hampshire’s clean tech and clean energy business sector, focusing on the economic benefits that can come from a vibrant clean energy economy.

WMUR's "NH's Business," with Fred Kocher

Watch Taylor Caswell and Clay Mitchell of the NH CleanTech Council discuss NH's state energy strategy with Fred Kocher on WMUR:

Georgia is the latest state to procure dirt-cheap solar power

Greentech Media, October 15, 2014 by Stephen Lacey.  The average utility-scale solar bid through Georgia Power's soliciation came in at 6.5 cents per kilowatt-hour. In Obama's America, according to conservatives, utilities are forced to consume expensive green energy mandated by the government. In an ideal conservative America, however, utilities would procure the cheapest and most reliable resource to deliver value to consumers. Those worlds have officially collided.

Developers Grapple with State's Rock-like Resistance to Wind

North American WindPower Magazine, November 2014 by Mark Del Franco. New Hampshire has yet to fully embrace wind energy, and some potential developers are frustrated. Unlike neighboring states, such as Vermont and Maine, New Hampshire has resisted the build-out of wind energy. To read the full article, click here.


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