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Clean Tech News

NHCTC Advisory Member Harold Turner: "We must strengthen, expand NH's clean tech sector." NH Business Review - April 17, 2015

March 4th 2015, CONCORD — An independent economic study released by the New Hampshire Clean Tech Council (NHCTC) shows that the NH cleantech sector accounts for a significant and growing share of the state’s economy with substantial growth potential. Download the full report HERE




Listen to The Exchange's recent show on New Prospects for Solar Energy in NH, featuring NHCTC Advisor Dr. Clay Mitchell, Esq. of UNH. 



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Statement of NHCTC on REF Restoration

On NH Senate Finance Vote Today to Fully Restore

NH’s Renewable Energy Fund


May 13, 2015 - Today’s bipartisan 6-0 vote to restore the full balance of the dedicated Renewable Energy Fund and not raid it is a great step forward toward ensuring the intended use of these critical funds: namely to enable businesses, towns, and citizens to lower their energy costs, lower local taxes, and keep our energy dollars here in NH. This is a vote for our economy, our jobs, and for renewed trust in state government and our constitution. 


The discussion among Senate Finance Committee members preceding the vote to delete sections 363-365 in the state’s biennium budget indicated strong support for this economically vital, job-creating dedicated fund. Senators commented that a raid would be the wrong way to build a budget and noted that twice this year the Senate has supported bills to protect dedicated funds.  They also correctly recognized that renewable energy companies are making good use of the Renewable Energy Fund.  Today’s unanimous Committee vote shows that Senate leadership in both parties values this dedicated energy fund and recognizes its important role in our economy. 


We commend the Senate for honoring their on-record commitment to protect the integrity of dedicated funds in crafting New Hampshire’s budget.  And we urge the full Senate, Committee of Conference, and Governor to stand behind today’s vote and uphold that commitment to protect this fund, support our businesses, and grow our economy. 

WMUR's "NH's Business," with Fred Kocher

Watch Taylor Caswell and Clay Mitchell of the NH CleanTech Council discuss NH's state energy strategy with Fred Kocher on WMUR:

State's Republicans should stay true to party's environmental roots

Concord Monitor. March 4, 2015. By Charlie Bass - As a former member of the New Hampshire House and Senate, I have watched with dismay efforts undertaken by Republican legislators to roll back the laws that were passed to encourage energy diversity and native energy production in our state. I am equally saddened by efforts to withdraw from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

NH Clean Tech Turns to Private Investors

NH Business Review. May 14, 2015. By Bob Sanders -  Question: Why would SolarCity, the nation’s largest residential solar energy installer, enter the New Hampshire market, a state where the House of Representatives recently voted to raid the $50 million Renewable Energy Fund to balance the budget? Answer: The clean tech industry is now almost strong enough to stand on its own feet, as companies and private investments start to fill the void caused by the withdrawal of public funds.


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